The two major facilities of RTTC, the Vehicle Testing Laboratory which will also be capable to carry out fire protection tests, and the Test Track System, form one unit. The resulting Center for Innovation, Development, Experimentation, Testing and Measurement will cooperate with universities in the fields of education, practical training and research.

1. High-speed test track system

Its design will maks it suitable for the development and testing of urban tram, metro, and high-rail vehicles. The test track system is an independent, closed track system, no element of which is part of the public transportation network, it only has an independent connection to it. The closed track system makes RTTC unique in the world, as it has the advantage of being entirely independent of the regular railway network, thereby facilitating the testing of high-speed rolling stock unhindered by railway  traffic.

IC train manufacturing

2. Vehicle Testing Laboratory

It is a laboratory of testing equipment and technologies for controlling and developing vehicles, used not only for railway applications, but also for the development, innovation and control of other modes of transport (eg. road, air, water). The facility will also have a mechanical material testing laboratory and a fire protection laboratory.


“The mission of the project is to build a track testing facility for high-speed rolling stock up to 430 km / h (280 mph) at the Railway Technical Testing Center (RTTC/VMV) by the end of 2022, thereby creating a unique facility in the world.”